North Carolina Emergency Management Association

12-02-2013 by Larhonda de Bode

Protect life, property, and the environment through a partnership effort between local, state, and federal agencies.

Our purpose

To coordinate the efforts of its members in a common front to protect the lives and property of all persons within its territorial limits.

To cooperate and communicate through effective leadership in emergency response, planning, recovery, training and mitigation. To coordinate and assist in the efforts of all member organizations throughout the State of North Carolina with emergency preparedness responsibilities, including those for cities, town, and districts.

Our vision

The vision for the North Carolina Emergency Management Association is for legitimate partnership (local, state, federal and private sectors) to provide effective leadership and professionalism to our membership.
To serve for the constant improvement of standards, practice and effectiveness of Emergency Management activities in the State of North Carolina. To collect and disseminate helpful information concerning matters related to emergency preparedness. To coordinate the contact between the Local, State and Federal Emergency Management.

To serve as a clearinghouse of experiences, ideas and suggestions. To promote successful courses of action among association members and agencies both private and governmental, in those matters pertinent to Emergency Management Programs.

To afford opportunities for members to keep abreast of new developments and approved principles relating to Emergency Management Programs.

To act in concert with, and in a professional advisory capacity, to other organizations, private or governmental, primarily in the State of North Carolina in those matters regarding Emergency Management.

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